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NOMARK 66 : Capacitor discharge stud welding equipment

studwelding  welding studs

  • This new line of stud welding equipments meets the highest requirements due to operating convenience, low weight, high efficiency, compact design and absolute safety. 
  • The monitoring of all functions is clearly displayed by LED on the front panel. The short charging cycles increase productivity.
  • Inverter power modules replace traditional heavy transformer rectifiers, are more efficient to use and faster to charge.
  • Lightweight and easily portable, the NOMARK 66 weighs in at around half of many other conventional studwelding equipment.
  • With a CPH gun, in a single operation, insulating pins and clips are rapidly welded through heat-insulating jackets.
    It is for anyone needing a cup head pin welding capability.

 NOMARK 66 / 88 CD capacitor discharge stud/pin welder


NOMARK 66          
Welding range : M3 - M8 in Steel and Stainless Steel
M3 - M6 in Aluminum and Brass
(M8 in Aluminum and Brass after welding tests) 
Welding source : Capacitor battery
Welding process  : GAP and CONTACT
Capacitance  : 66.000 F
Charging Voltage : 50 - 200 V   (UP and DOWN)
Digital Voltmeter  : Yes
Duty cycle : up till 25 studs / min.
Output  power : 1.320 Ws
Mains supply : 230 V - 50 / 60 Hz - 10 AT
Size (w x h x l) : 195 x 265 x 400 mm
Weight : 12 Kg.

CHP Gun: Cup Head Pins gun

  • The small and very handy CHP gun is a special innovative welding gun for directly welding Cup Head Pin through heat insulating jackets in a single operation.

insulation Cup head pin gun for nail


Welding range : Cup Head Pins
CHP Length : Any
Welding process : CONTACT
Settings : Infinitely adjustable
Cables length : 10 meters  (highly flexible)
Weight : 0,9 Kg. (without cable)

Accessories : 

 Welding accessories for CHP gun