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Compact 300i : Drawn Arc Pins and studs welders (230V / Single phase) Stud range : Ĝ 3 - Ĝ 6 mm (M8)
Welding current : 280 A (regulated)
Welding time : 40 - 400 mS
Supply voltage : 230 V - Single phase
Fuse : 16 A
Size (w x h x l) : 230 X 330 X 410 mm
Duty cycle : Up to 60 pins/min
No load voltage : 80 V
Efficiency : 0.87
Insulation : F
Weight : 12 Kg
  • THOMAS Welding systems has developed a small, light, compact studwelding machine, based on the most recent inverter technology (5th generation). The weight of the new pins & studs welder is only a third of currently available products, particularly suitable for a variety of repair, installation and supply work as well as for light or medium duty use. When designing the machine, THOMAS Welding Systems was wanted to achieve simplicity and versatility so welding values can be found as fast as possible.
  • The power supply operates on single phase power 230 V - 16 A.
  • The COMPACT 300i is a lightweight 12 Kg portable inverter drawn arc studwelder and is capable of welding from Ĝ 3 mm pins to M 8 studs.(RB)
  • The weld time is infinitely adjustable for preciseness.
  • Weld current regulation improves stud welding consistency.
  • The superior chopping frequency of 30 KHz, provides a much smoother arc than any competitive inverter-based stud welder. Because the COMPACT 300i uses inverter technology, it delivers faster arc response, excellent arc ignition, has superb arc performance and superior repeatability compared to traditional transformer/rectifier-based stud welders.
  • Designed with cooling fan and thermo-overload circuitry.
A38 Drawn arc gun for welding studs and insulation pins Welding range : M 3 to M 12
Welding process : Drawn Arc
Stud Material : Mild Steel, Stainless Steel
Plunge settings : Infinitely adjustable
Cables Section : 35 mm²
Cables length : 5 meters (highly flexible)
Weight : 0,8 Kg. (without cable)
Optional : Shielding Gas Kit
A 38 Gun
  • The Bantam A-38 stud welding gun is a multi-purpose, compact, lightweight tool designed for use in the arc stud welding process, ideal for fielding welding work, and its compact size enables use in hard to reach areas.
  • Welds any length studs with a diameter range of M 3 through M 12
  • Features:
       - Compact and tough for heavy duty use.
       - Automatic length compensation system for different stud lengths and surface conditions
       - High service life through high-grade mechanical components
       - Space saving due to internal welding cable
    .  - More powerful solenoid for faster welding.
       - Precision guidance protected from welding spatters