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NOMARK 10 : Capacitor discharge stud welding equipments
  • The NOMARK 10 offers you the infinitely regulation of charging voltage and in option the control switch for its variable capacitance
  • This unit has the capacity to weld studs ranging from 3 mm through 8 mm (10 mm) full flanged studs and pins (including cupped head pins)
  • This equipment is designed for a wide range of users and gives you precise settings and highly reliably reproducible welds even on galvanized sheet of metal or aluminum plate with the same equipment
  • Light, strong, secure, portable, it can be used everywhere. Its features are your benefits.
  • This new line of Microprocessor controlled Capacitor Discharge stud welding equipments incorporates the latest solid state technology into a compact and rugged CD Stud Welder
  • The monitoring of all functions is clearly displayed by LED on the front panel.
  • Cooling fan in all models for increased efficiency.

NOMARK 10 Capacitors Discharge studs welder with selectable capacitance for heavy duty application and automation

Welding range : M 3 - M 8  (M 10)
(M8 in Aluminum and Brass after welding tests)
M 3 - M 8  (M 10)
(M8 in Aluminum and Brass after welding tests)
Weldable Materials : Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Brass Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Brass
Welding process : "Contact" and "GAP" "Contact" and "GAP"
Capacitance : 66, 99 or 132.000 µF 66-132.000 µF(Selectable Capacitance)
Charging : 50-200 V  (UP and DOWN) 50-200 V  (UP and DOWN)
Digital Voltmeter : Yes Yes
Duty cycle : up till 30 studs/min up till 30 studs/min
Energy : 1.320 Ws 1.980 Ws
Mains supply : 230 V - 50/60 Hz - 10 AT 230 V - 50/60 Hz - 10 AT
Size (w x h x l) : 165 x 250 x 380 mm 165 x 250 x 380 mm
Weight : 12 Kg 13,5 Kg
CONTACT & GAP stud welding guns
  • Our Stud Guns are ergonomically designed for better hand fit and comfort (reduces operator fatigue for increased weld repeatability).
  • Gun configured with tripod legs allow the welding of studs up to 40 mm long. Longer legs or extension kit available for longer studs
  • Our Contact Stud Guns have a permanent internal spring with easy adjustment for various spring pressures allowing to apply the correct spring pressure to the weld
  • G1:The lightest weight CD Gap Gun in the industry.

C1 Contact/G1 Gap CD stud welding gun

Gun  C1 G1
Welding range : M 3 to M 8  (M 10) M 3 to M 8  (M 10)
Stud Length : 6 to 40 mm 6 to 40 mm
Pin Length : up to 110 mm (with optional pins chuck) up to 100 mm (with optional pins chuck)
+ 110 mm (with  ISO Kit) + 100 mm (with  ISO Kit)
Welding process : Contact Gap
Settings : Infinitely adjustable Infinitely adjustable
Cables length : 4 meters 3 meters (highly flexible)
Weight : 0,7 Kg. (without cable) 0,6 Kg. (without cable)