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Video gallery : CD, Arc and short cycle stud welding equipments
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Welding Head
M 8 x 16 mm stainless steel
Hand gun
M 6 x 25 mm in coppered steel
Automatic stud feeding gun
M 6 x 20 aluminum
Capacitors Discharge
M 6 x 20 mm in brass / copper
Arc Welding with ferrules
M 8 x 20 steel
500 x 550 mm
Arc Welding with ferrules
HSC ě 22 x 200 mm
Capacitors Discharge
Welding Head and a Robot
Capacitors Discharge
Insulation pins ě 3 mm
Capacitors Discharge
Pins with aluminum base
Short Cycle with gas shielding
M 8 x 20 mm in coppered steel
Arc Welding with gas shielding
Balls ě 10 mm